Thought-provoking content highlighting Watts, CA. CA. and similar people, places, and stories through-out the world!

We strive to capture the unique stories and experiences of these places and their people, and to share them with a global audience.

Through our work, we hope to inspire understanding, compassion, and positive change, and to give a voice to those whose stories may otherwise go unheard.

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Friends At Mafundi

A short documentary profiling the ongoing efforts to preserve, honor and revitalize the arts that once flourished in Watts through the historical Mafundi Institute and Watts Happening Cultural Center. Made with support from the GRoW Annenberg Foundation.


The Passenger

A feature documentary film about the final community of Ethiopian Jews, and its elongated struggle to immigrate to Israel. AVAILABLE ON DEMAND

A School Grows in Watts

A feature documentary film that tells the story of an innovative charter school in South LA fighting for a reimagined future through a community-based approach to education. Work-in-Progress, Completion Date: 2023



Our mission at GigaWatts Media is to provide diverse, engaging, and thought-provoking content highlighting Watts CA and similar places across the world. We aim to give voice to the unique experiences and perspectives of city-dwellers. We strive to be a platform for underrepresented communities and to inspire dialogue and action around the issues that matter to our audience. Through our storytelling and reporting, we aim to foster understanding, empathy, and connection within and between cities and throughout the world.



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